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From Chris Kimpton <kimptoc_m...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Allowing JetspeedTemplateLocatorService to have a search path
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 07:00:35 GMT

--- "Setera, Craig" <Craig.Setera@Kingland.com> wrote:
> I'm wondering if the group would be amenable to having the
> configuration for
> JetspeedTemplateLocatorService allow a comma-separated path
> specification
> for the templateRoot property in JR.p?  The TR.p file allows the
> file loader
> service to specify such a path and I would believe it would be very
> easy to
> add.  We are trying to keep our templates and especially our
> changes to the
> base Jetspeed templates in a different, parallel directory
> structure for
> easy maintenance of the base code.  This would allow us to move our
> Jetspeed
> portlet templates into that parallel directory as well.  I could
> try to
> create a patch to the service to allow for this, if it is something
> that
> would be useful and not against some other design principle of that
> part of
> the code.


What we do is to merge our app structure (templates/html etc) with
the jetspeed config as part of the build process.  So our source
repository contains only our specific config and a jar file with the
core jetspeed config.

We also use app specific subdirectories within say, templates to
further distinguish our code.

The problem with this is that we need to expand the
jetspeed-template.war on every build - so this option sounds quite

Although the long term goal should probably be "par" files - where an
apps resources are loaded from an archive/directory specific to that
app.  Thinking about it - your suggestion does seem to get us closer
to this...


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