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From Endre StĂžlsvik <En...@Stolsvik.com>
Subject Re: Portlet API re-implementation
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 14:59:27 GMT
| As far as I understand, the "new Portlet API" is still behind closed doors
| and is not yet open to public review.  If you know of public access to it,
| please let me know!

I don't know. They state July as timeline to first public review.

| I think you are referring to the very old now portlet API that is in the
| jetspeed cvs proposals area - this is not the new API.  Although, the new
| API may be related.

Apparently, you haven't read my emails. I'm currently reviewing all this
stuff, and I think I have served a pretty good explainaintion of how _I_
believe things are related.

The "portlet_api" branch includes the API that basically were used
unmodified (but finished, yes) in the IBM WebSpere Portal product 1.2 and
later 2.1. Now, in May/June, IBM is going to release their new Portal,
version 4.1. This includes a NEW Jetspeed API (believe it). This is what IBM
is going to the standardization table with. And since they, at least so far
I know, have the best Portlet API around, AND this is developed in
conjunction with input from Jetspeed and stuff, this will at least lay a
solid founding for how the standardized Portlet API will look. If you read
their Guide, whose links I've posted 3 times, you'll read that they are
pretty "boasting" about their new Jetspeed API, and that they more or less
expect this to _be_ the standard API. And IBM did initate a standardization
effort all by themselves (JSR 162). But Sun also started a Portlet API track
(JSR 167). Then, the two merged their proposals (JSR 168), and it will be
exiting to see what they get out of it all.

| I'm not going to base work on the new API until I see it.  But once it's
| real, I'm ready to re-write Jetspeed to be the reference implementation of
| it.

Yes. You'll have to use JBoss (or another J2EE "compliant" server) to do
this, I believe. I've explained why earlier.

| The work I need to do now is really a fix to a broken implemention inside
| the current 1.3a3 Jetspeed.

Have fun!


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