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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Groups, pages, anonymous user...
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 15:40:03 GMT
David Sean Taylor wrote:

>I just checked out clean and no problems.
>>Also, I have a fairly extensive set of changes pending to 
>>commit for the 
>>correct pooling of JetspeedTemplateLink objects, and also to 
>>make them 
>>work with groups and pages. So, please don't remove 
>>from CVS until we can merge these two change sets.
>Im looking forward to links working with group/role pages. 
>If there's anything I can do to help, finish up any loose ends you don't
>have time for, whatever, I'd be glad to help out,
I have isolated changes required for this. As you know, I have a trend 
to mix patches, so at the end I have a heavily modified repository (bad 
for separation of concerns).

I have problems getting groups and pages working for anonymous user, 
since my changes made the assumption that we had always a user 
("anonymous", with role "guest") for security checks.

We need to always have a user around for most of the group stuff (how do 
we know group permissions, etc.).

So: I want to change Jetspeed so that getAnonymousUser() and getUser() 
return the same kind of user, one with ACL and roles. isAnonymous() 
would work so that settings for the "anonymous" user are not saved to 
the DB (this is important). The only overhead incurred would be due to 
recovering User, Group, Role, and Permission records, and calculating 
ACLs (needed in any case for security). A lot of code would be 
simplified, as there would be no more if(data.getUser().hasLoggedIn()) 
{} tests.

If nobody objects to this change, I'll start by changing this part of 
the code.

I'm still searching for a solution which don't involve changes to the 
way user login is handled.

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