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From Glenn Golden <ggol...@umich.edu>
Subject [PATCH] proposed for peid
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 05:13:22 GMT
David -

I have fixed a number of minor problems that were causing the customizers to
be non-functional in the tip CVS code with the new peid stuff.

I have attached a full patch file to apply these changes to the tip as of
Now (10pm eastern time Sunday night March 24 2002).

Basically, here's the changes:

Some of the controller and template .vm files had a reference to "Metainfo"
when the proper spelling (case) seems to be "MetaInfo", for entry and
portlets sections of the .psml document object.  Pane names were just "*" in
the customizers, and the browser window title didn't have the correct name.
I changed these:


These same controllers also need to encode a "js_peid" parameter instead of
a "portlet" name parameter to "controls.Customize" - I replaced the code
with ".addQueryData("js_peid",$entry.Id)".  Now clicking on a pane list in a
customizer will not only edit that pane, but also pick the correct one to

org.apache.jetspeed.modules.actions.controls.Customize.java I changed to
deal with no peid by using the root set of the profile.  I also removed code
in there to do the same thing, name based.  Now the top.vm edit links (html,
wml) work.

org.apache.jetspeed.modules.actions.JetspeedSessionValidator I changed to
recognize the peid parameter and set it in the rundata (else it won't be
found there later), and fixed the Maximize handling here to use peid, to be
consistent with Maximize.

A number of classes accessed a portlet by name rather than by id.  I changed
these to use code like: ".getPortletsById(set.getID())" instead of


Note: the RowColumnControllerAction change was needed to get the customizers
to work.  These others I found searching for the code pattern and changed
without full understanding of what they are doing or where they are used:


I still want a change in the JetspeedTemplateLink's "forPortlet", so that it
a) takes a peid not a name, and b) if given blank or null, just ignores the
call.  My changes for this are in the patch as well.

Can you review and apply these patches?  Thanks!

- Glenn 

Glenn R. Golden, Systems Research Programmer
University of Michigan School of Information
ggolden@umich.edu               734-615-1419

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