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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: Jetspeed Proposal: iframe portlet control
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 05:24:58 GMT
See comments below

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> From: Glenn Golden [mailto:ggolden@umich.edu] 
> Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 8:16 PM
> To: 'Jetspeed Developers List'
> Subject: RE: Jetspeed Proposal: iframe portlet control
> So many messages, so little time!
> I LIKE the leaner URL, such as:
> http://host/jetspeed/portal/PortalEntry/7
> Or
> http://host/jetspeed/portal/group/Apache/PortalEntry/9
> As David proposed.  +1 from me!
> Instead of "PortalEntry", what about
> - "portlet" (though this is for a portlet or portlet set)
> - "peid"
> ???

I like "portlet". I just seem to remember it being used with maximize.
Need to resolve all of the conflicts if we are going to use "portlet"

> * * *
> To clarify my comment on the peid format, what I mean is
> - use a simple number, not a hierarchy like
> - make the number in the positive long space
> - let the API treat it as a String, if that makes better 
> sense, rather than a long.  From the API's point of view, 
> it's just a (local) unique id string. That we happen to be 
> using a series of long values is implementation.
> * * *
> New point: what do we id?  Each entry.  Each portlet set.  
> The entire portal.  But we also need to have a different 
> entry id for a portlet itself, and a portlet with it's 
> control, don't we?  Since the control is a portlet set, and 
> contains the entry, they can both have different ids.

Controls, portletsets, portlets
I checked it in today. 
When the portlets are loaded, they are automatically id'ed (even when
the entries don't have ids)
If the entries in the psml do have ids, then the ids are used.

We still need to update all distributed PSML files with a portlet id.

> I need this for the iframe stuff - I need to have a URL to 
> just the portlet without any control or containing portlet 
> set, but maximize, for instance, needs the id to the control 
> around the portlet.
> I think we need a way for a portlet to get the id of itself, 
> of it's control, and of all the portlet sets up to the top container.


> On a related note, iframe src needs to have the just portlet, 
> no control, but also NO NAVIGATIONS!, where Maximize wants 
> portlet, control and layout. That's why the /template/ would 
> pick a screen that has a no-navigation layout and a just the 
> portlet no control screen.  We can still pick the screen 
> template with /template/ with the lean URL's above:
> http://host/jetspeed/portal/group/NEES/role/admin/PortalEntry/
> 22/template/cl
> ear

I think its just about there. Check your cvs messages tomorrow for
The first time we can do this with the "/template/PortletEntry"
I was hoping to implement an optimization to make
"template/PortletEntry" optional using a default action.

> * * *
> I think we need to have a formal API to have an id on the 
> portal (.psml), too.  This must be unique within Jetspeed.  
> It might be the "/group/finance/html/default" sort of thing, 
> or a DB key, whatever.  As long as it's unique and id's the 
> portal and is a string we can use whever we need to id the 
> portal specifically.

I believe using Portlet names in urls should be deprecated.
All controls and controllers and portlets should be modified to use the
portlet id to reference.

> I'm using the rundata.getProfile().getDocument().getName() 
> for this now, but that's a bit more than I need (it has the 
> common root path to the psml
> files) and may not work with the db imp.  So lets do a 
> standard API for this, please!

Yes, there should be a standard tag/tool in jsp/vm to get a portlet by
There should also be some automatic ways base classes of portlets to
encode the portlet id into a DynamicURI.

> * * *
> Now, I am available to work on this (at my *day job* no 
> less!).  I'll take assignments!

See above (All controls and controllers and portlets should be modified
to use the portlet id to reference.)
Still a lot of work on completely switching over to portlet ids.
For example, we need to be able to put two HelloVelocity portlets on the
same page, and see them function correctly....

> * * *
> We have *big* plans for our CHEF, which is based on Jetspeed, 
> and will start to be rolled out on campus this summer, with 
> hundreds of users!  By next winter, we will be supporting the 
> entire campus and many off campus scientific work groups 
> (that's 10s of thousands of users).  It will depend on our 
> iframe stuff for independent portlet updating and automatic 
> portlet updating (I'll describe, propose and provide this 
> later), and will depend on group support (i.e. a group is the 
> students of a class and the instructors, or a distributed 
> scientific group, all sharing a common group portal, in 
> addition to their own personal portals).  We will be 
> providing a set of collaborative tools (portlets and services).
> So I'll want to help get the group stuff complete as well, 
> and SOON!  I also want to help us move to the upcoming 
> portlet API standard, and to make sure this standard gets developed!

Well you've had some great ideas already!
Keep them coming :)


> Thanks.
> - Glenn
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