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From "Sandra Cann" <flying_cl...@prodigy.net>
Subject RE: New API specification
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 00:00:50 GMT
> JetSpeed 2 will be a the sum of 3 things instead of 2:
> 1) Portlet Container and Portlet Specs..
> 2) A Portlet Container Implementation, independent of any framework
> 3) A Portal implementation, framework dependant..

I have a particular interest in seeing Jetspeed Portlet API and Struts/Tiles
integration. I am delighted to see the direction of considering other
frameworks to integrate with and particularly that of Struts. Using relative
community sizes as a gauge of market size, the Struts community is more than
twice the size of the Turbine list so by offering the choice of framework
you can surely strengthen the acceptance of the Jetspeed project further.

By integrating with Struts this will also make Jetspeed available for
integration with the Expresso Framework and Jcorporate's collaborative
applications - since as of version 4.0 Expresso is based on Struts. In your
list of frameworks Expresso (www.jcorporate.com) was not mentioned and
perhaps should be since it is has the largest framework community with more
than 4300 developers on its listserv. By estimates the combined
Expresso/Struts communities accounts for ~85% of OSS Java framework market.

> > * Struts
> I like struts and i use it in my own projects, but i fail to see
> JetSpeed as Struts app, i need to restate my study of struts to see how
> can we implement a portlet container there..

Has there been any progress here?

>>  As to the framework choices, I do not know enough to form an
>> opinion.
> Same here ;-)

By keeping the Struts list appraised there may be people from that list
willing to help - creating a knowledge transfer.

I know there are many people in our community interested in Jetspeed too and
there would be community interest in collaborating with the Jetspeed list on
the Struts (and Expresso) integration. Please consider the opensource
listserv (opensource@javacorporate.com) as a resource available to this list

I will also create a forum on the jcorporate site for our community members
to discuss this. If anyone here wants to join this group let me know

Sandra Cann

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