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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: Server side discussion
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 19:21:09 GMT
Ming Fai wrote:

(about the serverside thread)

>I've been with Jetspeed for some months already and I think I know it quite
>well. it seems to me most ppl at that forum do not know much about portlets
>and portal server. it's somehow a waste of time to read their message.
As in every public message board, there is people giving good advice, 
and people just chatting. A lot of the messages were rather destructive; 
in spite of the weaknesses of Jetspeed, it is a open effort to have a 
portal server in java, and it is progressing. If they had said "look, 
XXX is open and much better" I would have understood. But I agree that 
the current Portlet API in Jetspeed are not suitable for a standard. But 
the effort we did last year on the portlet API 2 proposal, plus the 
experience that IBM gathered with WPS, plus other vendors experiences 
could do it.

What Jetspeed could be very good is as a testbed to improve and learn 
from the efforts already done or in course. Its open nature will make it 
suitable as a reference implementation of the results (even as they test 
them) of the working group.

>but they've made one sounding point - a jcp spec should have the support of
>the majority of vendors. I'm not sure but I feel it is like, IBM come out to
>propose a spec, and then the other vendors do not like it and come out with
>a counter proposal. Has IBM invited all the other vendors in the first jsr?
>Has Sun invited IBM when proposing the 2nd jsr? Why jcp allow two jsr with
>the same (or at least, v similar) nature? (if my above 'assumption' is
>correct) Such childish practice does harm the Java community!
I think the JCP process will allways be subject of these political/ego 
fights. The worse thing that could happen is that the only agreement to 
be reached is that it is too early to try  an standard, and then both 
proposals will be withdrawn/rejected.

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