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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: Updating the Turbine jar file
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2002 12:31:36 GMT
Paul Spencer wrote:

> David,
> David Sean Taylor wrote:
>> Could you explain what exactly is the problem.
> o Need to get number of cached objects. This will display the number 
> of cached objects in the GlobalAdminPortlet.  This patch has already 
> been committed. See 
> http://www.mail-archive.com/turbine-dev%40jakarta.apache.org/msg04799.html 
> o Need to set the expiration of a cached object.  I am wait on this 
> patch.  See 
> http://www.mail-archive.com/turbine-user%40jakarta.apache.org/msg05525.html 
>> But yes, I don't think its a problem to upgrade the turbine jar, just 
>> make
>> sure that you don't break anything. It would be nice if we had some 
>> kind of
>> unit or smoke tests in place for this situation....

I think that we broke something (or that I have it broken currently). 
Random facts:

- I have problems building the site docs, unless I substitute ant by 
1.4.1 *and* velocity by the current one in turbine (1.3-dev). I'm not 
sure of the exact cause. The symptom is that most of the text is 
substituted by "[ Element ]" strings.  Has anybody else seen this one?

- I don't know exactly when it began to happen, but in my working 
copies, Jetspeed says that the character encoding is UTF-8, but then it 
spits ISO-8859-1 content (This is noticeable when I use spanish PSML 
with accented characters). Here the design intention is to use always 
UTF-8, since it is suitable for mixed encoding processing or user 
customisation. This used to work. I don't know when it got broken. I 
will check how it happens. I think it could be a turbine and/or velocity 
issue, but I'm not completely sure yet.

- Under tomcat-4/java 1.4, I'm seeing problems with interference between 
our xerces version and the jaxp included inside the jdk and/or catalina. 
A ClassCastException when jsp is being initialized. To solve it I need 
to remove our xerces and upgrade our xalan to one that does *not* 
include jaxp/trax classes. Both xerces and xalan used to include copies 
of the jaxp/trax apis. This is no longer true in xerces 1.4.4 and xalan 
2.2-D14. I wonder if we should upgrade also.

> Yes, we do need to define some testing.  Their are some 
> build_test_xxx.xml
> files in the build directory.  This leads me to believe that automated 
> testing
> was setup at one time.  If this was working, would it fulfill the 
> testing requirement?

I never understood the test stuff in cvs. If someone understand it, 
could please post a "idiot" guide on how to run tests, how to design a 
new one, etc.? I would like to have a "Character encoding" test.

> Paul Spencer
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