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From "Nutter, Mark" <Mark.Nut...@marconi.com>
Subject RE: Portlet (jetspeed 1.3a2) architecture - actions
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 20:56:57 GMT
Have you read the Action Event how-to on the Turbine site?  


If so, I recommend you re-ask this question on the jetspeed users list--it's
really more of a "how do I use Jetspeed" question than a "Jetspeed has bugs"
question.  I'm on both lists, and I'll be glad to take a stab and answering
(though I'm pretty green myself).


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Glenn Golden [mailto:ggolden@umich.edu]
> Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 3:40 PM
> To: Jetspeed-Dev (E-mail)
> Subject: Portlet (jetspeed 1.3a2) architecture - actions
> I'm new to Portlets, and I've been reading the Jetspeed and 
> Turbine docs,
> and going through the code, and I'm confused about how a 
> simple Portlet
> would be structured. What is the intended way it would place 
> some buttons in
> its interface, and what is the intended way that these button 
> presses come
> back to the Portlet code?
> I am just considering a simple ECS producing Portlet which extends
> AbstractPortlet (leaving the templates for later).
> Are we to use the action concept of Turbine for this? Is 
> there some special
> naming convention that matches a form button to a method call 
> in our portlet
> which is automatically called with the button press before 
> getContent()? Or
> am I getting Turbine and Jetspeed confused?
> I see an example in the 1.3a2 distribution, the PollPortlet, 
> which seems to
> just read form fields as parameters, just like, say, a 
> servlet might do.
> This is pretty simple. Is this the intent for Portlets?
> The Portlet How To
> (http://www.bluesunrise.com/jetspeed-docs/PortletHowTo.htm) 
> is good, but it
> doesn't have an example with a round trip button.
> Any pointers to docs I may have missed, or simple Portlet 
> code that can be
> dropped in an email to this list to show how a simple button 
> producing /
> responding portlet is supposed to work would be of great help 
> to me and my
> team just now.
> Thanks!
> - Glenn
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