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From "Darren Hartford" <dhartf...@ghsinc.com>
Subject RE: new WebPagePortlet and cookies
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 22:05:02 GMT
I just started testing the WebPagePortlet.  It does not appear to keep
cookies, as it is generally cached anyhow.  Also, note that webpages
using FRAMEs and IFRAMEs do not work, nor SSL pages.  Trying to port web
applications through the WebPagePortlet does not work either (as
relative links, POST/GET generally do not function as you need to go to
another page).  

Not sure if the above information should have been posted to USER
instead of DEV, hope this is o.k.

My two cents if I ever get around to development would be to maybe try
IFRAME's (yes, new tech, I know...) to wrap straight-Web Apps (mini
not-quite-portlet legacy webapps like PHP, CGI, etc.) so just that
Frame/Portlet gets refreshed from POST/GET's.  Also may add option to
relatively 'shrink' WebPagePortlet text sizes so an entire standard
webpage better fits in portlet space, even if reduces legibility?  Maybe
option to force font types as well? 

Better pull out a six-pack of Mountain Dew (or is it Red Bull now?)


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From: 	Laura lega [mailto:spanishisotta@libero.it] 
Sent:	Wednesday, November 14, 2001 12:19 PM
To:	jetspeed-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Subject:	new WebPagePortlet and cookies

I've seen in last CVS Jetspeed release that we have a new WebPagePortlet
and that it manages a RunData. 
Question is: does it manage cookies?


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