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From Paul Spencer <p...@mikon.com>
Subject Re: WebPagePortlet and cookies
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 12:39:50 GMT
Their is currently an effort underway to extend the WebPagePortlet that
will include cookies support.  Below are some questions and comments. 
Since the developer doing the work also reads this mailing list, you
answers may help in his effort.

1) As a general rule a web server, jetspeed in this case, will only
   receive cookies that is sets.  So the cookies set by Yahoo are not
   visible to Jetspeed 

2) How do you intend on using the Cookie support?
    o Are the cookies user specific?
    o Will the user access the URL, as define in the WebPagePortlet,
      directly and via the WebpagePortlet?

Paul Spencer

Laura lega wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I need to extend WebPagePortlet in order to deal with cookies.
> I understand the portlet that retrieves a HTML page should receive 
> cookies sent by the browser and deliver them to the server so
> that the server can recognize the client.
> I believe the way is:
> 1) the portlet gets the cookies from the browser by calling the
> getCookies method on the Request object.

> Here I have the first problem: how do I retrieve the Request object?
> I saw I can get it from the RunData object by  writing:
>     runData.getRequest( )
> ....but where do I get the RunData object corresponding to my portlet?
> 2) the portlet sends the cookies to the server while retrieving the web page by calling:
>         HttpURLConnection  pageConn = (HttpURLConnection) pageUrl.openConnection();
>         pageConn.setRequestProperty("Cookie", cookie);
>         InputStream    is = pageConn.getInputStream();
> Thanks in advance,
>     Laura

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