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From Gunnar Rønning <gun...@polygnosis.com>
Subject Re: Jsp vs. velocity (was: Re: [PATCH] i18n for navigations)
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 22:17:34 GMT
* Jon Stevens <jon@latchkey.com> wrote:

| > I don't think you understand what I said. I don't say that you and I can't
| > qualify other solutions, but if this guy cannot qualify why it makes more
| > sense to use Velocity than JSP for a given project then his management
| > will choose JSP.
| I don't think you understand what I said either. :-)
| My point is that there are a ton of well documented reasons (even published
| as cover stories in mass distributed magazines) for why one should not use
| JSP.

Well, I've read a couple of them, but choice of technology can involve
other issues than the ones highlighted there. Maybe even PHP or a mod_perl 
system would have been better for their project ;-) It depends on the 
organization, the project and the resources available for the project.

| When did PostgreSQL become faster than MySQL?

Some time ago(around 7.0 I suspect), MySQL has been very fast as long
as you don't have concurrent access, but it doesn't scale well with
concurrent sessions. Check this article from Tim Perdue about the
Sourceforge migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL :


A quote from the article : 

"In fact, Postgres seemed to scale 3 times higher than MySQL before
giving any errors at all. MySQL begins collapsing at about 40-50
concurrent connections, whereas Postgres handily scaled to 120 before
balking. My guess is, that Postgres could have gone far past 120
connections with enough memory and CPU."

Also on the pro side PostgreSQL has BSD style license and a more open
and healthy development community like Apache.

Gunnar Rønning - gunnar@polygnosis.com
Senior Consultant, Polygnosis AS, http://www.polygnosis.com/

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