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From "Ignacio J. Ortega" <na...@siapi.es>
Subject RE: i18n in Jetspeed
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2001 14:18:12 GMT
> Following the threads on i18n for navigations, I'd just like 
> to raise some
> points on the subject:
> i18n can typically be achieved in 2 different fashions:
> - using different templates per locale (current Jetspeed way)
> - using a string lookup table/class to store locale dependant 
> information
>    (Turbine Localization service and tool).
> IMO, both solutions are targetted at different needs and 
> should be used together
> to have a flexible, easy to maintain i18n system:
> - locale based templates should be used whenever a locale 
> would require a
>    different *layout* than the one used by the default 
> locale-indepedent template.
>    If the default is typically English, this can include 
> Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, etc..
> - string lookup table should be used when the only 
> differences between the locale
>    screens are labels (typically the difference between 
> English, French, Spanish, German, etc...)
>    The main advantage of using string lookup tables is that 
> you only have 1 template to
>    maintain and don't need to propagate changes to all your 
> locale-specific templates.
> Based, on these assumptions, I think we should somewhat 
> rework how i18n is handled
> in Jetspeed and move to a string lookup table for the en, de, 
> etc... examples.
> If someone in the community could provide alternate templates 
> for any other locale
> that would require a different layout to be readable, it 
> could serve to illustrate
> the proper use of locale specific templates.
> What do you think ?

Uffffffffff :), first time i saw templates thought more or less the
same, this way maintain localized templates is a real PITA, i was
thinking you have very good reasons to do it the way it is.. so no
questions asked.. now i'm a big 

+1 For string lookup tables where suitable ( Spanish, thanks god, is
suitable :)

> --
> Raphaƫl Luta - raphael.luta@networks.groupvu.com
> Vivendi Universal Networks - Services Manager / Paris

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