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From Paul Spencer <p...@mikon.com>
Subject Re: Velocity / JSP / XML & XSLT : Why ???
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 17:48:02 GMT

Norman Schoneich wrote:
> Jetspeed supports different template engines.
> But in the moment, the default template layout engine is velocity and it'is
> the most supported engine by the jetspeed developers.
> The previous default engine was jsp, but the support (or development
> process) of the jsp layout seems to be stopped.

This is not true.  You can use JSP for layout.  Only the default changed
from JSP 
to Velocity.

> I can understand that some people prefer velocity. But every layout engine
> has it's own advantages and disadvanteges. I think Jetspeed
> has to support multiple layout engines, but they must be handled equally.

JSP and Velocity are equally supported.

> What's about an XML & XSLT based approach ? Is it possible (or better) to
> render the portlets by the different controllers and then render the result
> with an XSLT file (the portlets use themself xml/xsl, which i use). I like
> this approach the most, because it' s based on open standards unlike
> velocity.

Currently it is the portlets job to produce HTML.  Although XML and XSL
are defined by
standards, thoes standards do not define how a tag is rendered.  

> norsch
> Norman Schoneich

Paul Spencer

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