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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: XML changing encodings
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 15:27:08 GMT
Ignacio J. Ortega wrote:

 >Hola a todos:
 >I've noted that every xml file in jetspeed, as is it in CVS has
 >ISO-8859-2 encoding, and after first run, they are changed to UTF-8, is
 >not a big problem, and everything continues to run smoothly ( with some
 >glitches i will try to patch) ..
Isn't it ISO-8859-1? I imagined it was due to the fact that some XML
files include the "ä" in Raphäel.

It is important to have the right encoding if we have non-US-ASCII
characters in XML files. UTF-8 seems to be a very reasonable encoding,
as it is valid for all Unicode characters, including European, Arabic,
Hebrew, Asian, etc.

The problem is that it brings its own issues, specially since file
system encoding defaults to different values depending on country/locale
of the server installation.

 >Can this lead to future problems?, can be done in a more consistent
 >way?, that is, all xml in UTF-8 in CVS or correct the encoding in
Which castor generated XML files are there in CVS? do you mean in the dist?

 >i'm a newbie and i really dont know how to do it nor if Castor is really
 >the sin here..if somebody can point me in the right direction i will
 >contribute some patch for this..
WRT the disk cache, everything in there is stored in UTF-8 encoding, to
avoid having to deal with the mixture between HTTP headers and <?xml ...
declarations to parse the encoding. Also, UTF-8 is the default XML
encoding, but we are free to use other encodings if it is done consistently.

 >Saludos ,
 >Ignacio J. Ortega
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