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From Chris Kimpton <kimptoc_m...@yahoo.com>
Subject Confirming a user is broken - suggested fix
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 13:32:05 GMT

I am having problems with the JLoginUser action, it does not confirm
new users.

The problem seems to be due to the bit where, its worked out that we
have a secret key and thus are trying to confirm a user, it then does
a data.getUser() -but nothing has put it into rundata prior to this -
so this always returns null and so hits the return statement... this
should probably give an error.

So, to fix this, I would change user = data.getUser() to 

user = JetspeedSecurty.getUser(username) - where username is in the

A further problem now comes when it tries to do the Turbine LoginUser
action.  This expects to find a "password" parameter in the request
too - but this is not in the confirmation registration form and thus
sends the user to the login form...

Is this to be expected - my initial thoughts would be to log the user
in... but thinking further, perhaps a message saying you have been
confirmed, please login to continue would be ok.



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