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From "Chuck Johnson" <cdjo...@viviport.com>
Subject RE: New Portlet API
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 16:57:33 GMT
> > Are there any anticipated changes to the surrounding object
> model including
> > Controls and Controllers?
> >
> Yes. Controls and Controllers will also change to a new lifecycle
> closer to the
> portlet one. This will avoid a lot of object instantiation in the
> rendering process
> thus making Jetspeed more efficient.

I'm relatively new to the Jetspeed architecture, so please forgive me for
asking some fundamental questions.  However, as I consider our own "Portlet"
architecture, I see similarities and differences with the new Jetspeed
Portlet API.

Is there a need for Controllers and Controls in the object model?  What if a
Portlet had the potential of being a container of other Portlets.  Wouldn't
a Controller or Control be a specialized implementation of a Portlet?

> There was also discussion about changing PSML syntax (see mail
> archives) but this
> will depend a lot on user feedback and backward compatibility
> issue. One of the goal
> of the new PSML system being to easily allow file-based and DBMS-based
> implementations...

This is great.

Another question, I see that the new Portlet API supports various scopes for
the management of persistent "Preferences" or "Properties".  Is there a plan
to support a "Per-Portlet, Per-User" scope?  That is, the ability to manage
user preferences that have been set for a specific Portlet instance on a


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