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From Raphaël Luta <raphael.l...@networks.groupvu.com>
Subject Initial landing of Registry done
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 14:33:04 GMT
I've just completed the initial landing of the new Registry code.
CVS HEAD should now be functional with one specific caveat:

- I've not yet reimplemented portlet parameters nomalization, so if
  you have portlets depending on a cascade of refs to abstract 
  portlets they may not retrieve correctly their complete parameters.

I'll add back this functionality tomorrow.

A quick overview of the new registry :

This is a complete rewrite of the registry code, based on interfaces
with implementations that can be XML-serialized with Castor.
I tried to stay as backward compatible on the API as possible in this
iteration of the object model, but I expect additional changes when
the new Portlet API lands.

Among the new features:
- the registry may now use several different files for storing portlet,
  control and controller definitions (called RegistryFragment).
  These fragments are merged by the Registry service and presented as 
  unified individual Portlet, PortletControl, PortletController, etc...
  registries to the client code.
  This should simplify the deployment of new portlets since they may now
  be bundled with a RegistryFragment file that can be dynamically
  by the portal.

There are still several areas that I'll improve in the next few days :
- link the PortletControlFactory and PortletControllerFactory to the 
  registry to take advantage of the new controls and controllers
- update the media type attributes in the OM to actually allow the
  between 2 dialects of the same mime type
- update the parameter manipulation structure in the Registry OM to

Be sure to test out the new implementation and let me know if you
any issues.
Raphaël Luta - luta.raphael@networks.vivendi.net

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