You can overload the getLayout method inherited from Screen to completely control your output. Check out the example in the TDK (tdk/examples/screens/


public String getLayout(RunData data)


        return null;





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Sent: Friday, April 13, 2001 2:10 AM
Subject: How to display a framed screen with jetspeed ?




i have a portlet that displays info and a link (HREF) towards a Java generated page that should display a screen divided in two frames.

The link looks like "/jetspeed/portal/screen/toto" and my Java program is thus defined as a "Screen" object ("public class toto extends Screen"), the result being displayed via the doBuild() method.


But it doesn't work, because the <FRAMESET>...</FRAMESET>  code generated by toto is automatically included in the <BODY> tag of the screen generated page, and so nothing is displayed in the screen except the footer.


What Jetspeed object different than Screen must i use ("public class toto extends ???") to display my framed screen, and how must i use it ?