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From "Esbrook, Scott" <Scott_Esbr...@compuware.com>
Subject Delivering content without header/navigation markup
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 18:23:13 GMT

I'm working on a portlet that is similar to the existing customizer in that
it will take some user input to rearrange/modify the user's PSML file. I'll
call it the 'psuedo-customizer'. Up to this point, most of the architecture
has been based on the existing customizer. One of the requirements is that a
portion of the content needs to be encapsulated within an IFrame; the IFrame
is displayed as a single portlet. As I understand (I'm no HTML guru), the
content of the IFrame must be retrieved from a separate file. This content
will be dynamic (JSP), based on the user's current PSML content. 

Using the existing customizer architecture, I've hacked together a prototype
that almost works (admittedly inelegant). By looking for a request parameter
"step1", I've been able to return an ECS IFrame element as the main body of
the portlet. This screen displays the Jetspeed header, side navigation, and
the IFrame. The IFrame "source" attribute calls back to my psuedo-customizer
(minus the "step1" parameter), and returns the dynamic content along with
the Jetspeed header and side navigation--all inside the IFrame. I need the
dynamic content minus the header and navigation.

At this point my tentative plan is to implement an additional servlet that
returns the IFrame page. But how do I return content from my
'psuedo-customizer' that does not have a header and side navigation?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,

Scott Esbrook
Software Developer 
Compuware Corporation
(248) 737 7300 x12978

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