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From ingo schuster <ingo.apa...@web.de>
Subject Re: Problems with JetSPeed from CVS..
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:43:05 GMT
At 11:28 04/02/01, Santiago Gala wrote:
>Ignacio J. Ortega wrote:
>>Hola a todos:
>Saludos, Nacho :)
>>Just compiled a fresh checkout from cvs, and hitting
>>jsp> ( this is the RSSSources link main page ), i'v got a long stack
>The RSSSources link may page *should* be:
>or something similar (fr instead of es, etc.) The lack of the "html" part 
>causes the error. From where are you getting there?
>I've tested that the template name "/Ecs" gives this error, while "Ecs" 
>"/html/Ecs" or "/html/ru/Ecs" works. The first slash means "absolute", and 
>there is no layout on top of the "media type" directory.
>Ingo (are you there?) is the person who knows better this part of 
>Jetspeed, the mapping from the template parameter to files.


the link should either be


( or simply http://localhost:8080/portal/pane/RSS+Sources as this will 
result in the Ecs template)

i.e. no file extension, no leading path.
The reasons:
1. If no file extension is specified then the default extension from TR.p 
is used. So with no extensions, it is much easier to switch between 
velocity and JSPs.
2. We must not specify a path as the template service will locate the file. 
the template service knows the base path and it uses it's rules to search 
for the file in respective subdirectories. It is just luck that "/html/Ecs" 

So the question is: why is the generated link like it is? I think it's 
produced by the CardPortletController. I'll check it.

Just to keep you informed,


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