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From Raphaƫl Luta <raphael.l...@networks.groupvu.com>
Subject Re: UpdateAccount.java: Doesn't provide error feedback to users
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 16:43:57 GMT
"Turpin, Jay" wrote:
> I posted this in Bugzilla, but wanted to see if anyone has already resolved
> this or can point in the right direction for fixing it...
> Login as turbine/turbine and navigate to EditAccount. Change passwords to
> two different values (so edit should theoretically fail), the user is routed
> back to the homepage.
> * No error message is displayed to user. The code appears to attempt to send
> the user back to the EditAccount page but fails to do so.

I'll look into this this week-end or next week.

> The following message is displayed in the Tomcat process window:
> 2001-04-23 03:40:26 - Ctx( /jetspeed ): IOException in: R( /jetspeed +
> /css/default.css + null) Connection aborted by peer: socket write error

This is an harmless error message due to the interaction between Tomcat and IE
(it looks like IE does not close correctly the HTTP socket...)

Raphael Luta - raphael.luta@networks.groupvu.com
Vivendi Universal Networks - Paris

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