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From "Stephane Grialet" <Stephane.Gria...@ac-toulouse.fr>
Subject Parameters loss between portlets/actions/screens
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 09:02:54 GMT

I'm a new subscriber in this ML, my name St├ęphane Grialet and i'm working for the french
National Education, in the Toulouse academy site, on a Jetspeed project to realise a virtual

I'm developping dynamic pages for this virtual desk, mainly Java portlets, actions and screens.
And i'm having problems with keeping my parameters context during the navigation between the
different pages.

In my Java programs (doBuild or getContent method specially), i use the
method for reaching the value of the parameter named "paramName".

But this doesn't work.
When i use this method to get the username for instance of the logged person who calls the
page, i get "null" instead of his real username.
I have tried another method:
and this one works all the time 

So i have a way to solve my problem for the username and password stuff, but how can i manage
to keep other parameters alive (accessible from any Java page) during the whole user Jetspeed
session ?

Can you explain to me why, while these two methods are applied to the same object (rundata),
the getParameters() one doesn't work and the getUser() works ?...
How is the "ParameterParser" object managed within Jetspeed ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

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