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From "David Sean Taylor" <david.tay...@b3interactive.com>
Subject RE: Servlet 2.2 Spec. and serving files from the WEB-INF directory
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 21:02:21 GMT
> Processing a template is not serving a file in the general case,
> especially
> Velocity templates sitting in WEB-INF should never cause any
> issue, however
> JSPs are a special case and I'm not sure how Turbine handles JSPs as
> templates, if you use any RequestDispatcher method, the servlet container
> may certainly treat this as if the included file has been
> forwarded directly
> to the client...
> I put the templates in the WEB-INF directory because for systems such as
> Velocity, they should never be accessed directly from a client so WEB-INF
> was a natural solution.
> Can you try to move the JSP templates to the base webapp directory
> and use ${webapp.dir}/templates/jsp as the base JSP template dir ?

Yes, I tried that several weeks ago. No luck.
The RequestDispatcher problem is a a bug in the servlet container.
Its now just a matter of waiting, and its been some time now, for it to be

The remaining question is whether its compliant to put JSPs in the WEB-INF
Surely there is a definitive answer on this.

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