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From Raphaël Luta <raphael.l...@networks.groupvu.com>
Subject PSML_02 branch status & new customizer
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 11:54:11 GMT
This mail is a simple status update on the new layout work:

I've currently on my coputer a complete interface based Object Model
for the confgiuration objects (created from PSML2 files). They're ready to
commit, except for the javadoc documentation.

I hope to be able to commit these for public review before the end of the week
but I'm currently mainly occupied by writing my ApacheCon paper...

Once the OM is committed, I think it would be great if someone could start
thinking on a new customizer based on this OM (especially writing mockup
templates while I finish the base classes implementation)

Once both the API and templates will be written, we'll just have to put the
correct objects in the context and everything should work...
I like the Pull methodology :)

One issue I don't know how to deal with yet with the customizer is:
how can a user search for a new portlet to add to his page ?
I can see approaches:
- the user has to search for a given portlet class (for example RSS) and
   then the portlet customization screen would propose a list or search of
   possible contents.
   This is easy to implement but not very natural for a end user who would
   have to know tat is looking for RSS syndicated data.
- the user directly looks for a given content and the portal delegates to all
   portlets through a API call the task to search in their accessible content
   whether they have one that can match the requested keyword.
   This would be IMO the best implementation but would make browsing
   available content somewhat more difficult and start to look like a content
   management system.

Thoughts ?

Raphaël Luta - raphael.luta@networks.groupvu.com
Vivendi Universal Networks - Services Manager / Paris

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