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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: NLS in Jetspeed
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 13:11:09 GMT
David Sean Taylor wrote:

> Hope this finds its way to the right list, and I hope everyone finds the new
> list!

It did! Amazingly, it also arrived to the proper filtered box in my mail!
>> Also, don't forget it is lang_COUNTRY, as in de, de_AT, de_CH, de_DE
>> (jre even has a de_DE_EURO).
>> I think the approach should be having
>> default
>> (files here)
>>     lang
>>     (files here maybe)
>>         COUNTRY
>>         (files here maybe)
>> ...
> This differs from the proposal.
> See jetspeed/proposals/0005.txt

OK. I don't have any problems with the proposal. I was just
pointing the fact that there are also geographical variations.
 color <--> colour, USD <--> UKP, quatre vingt <--> huitante (spell?)

The _EURO stuff looks pathological to me, and transient in any case,
(as my elder daughter reminds me, I have to carry her to the bank january
next year, to change all her valuable pesetas into euros :-)

> Yes, when you say 'kind_of_resource' you mean:
> - markup (psml)
> - template
> - skins ?
> - ...
> So this profiling service will find any resource, not just psml markup.
> +1 on that

Yes, that is the idea. I'm seeing that we have very similar features
for the three problems:
- getting a resource dependent on user/request/session info
- specialized resources with a given search order
- fallback algorithm to a root.

> The JetspeedProfileManagerService is actually undergoing some changes, most
> of the implementation will remain, but Raphael has refactored the profiler
> into two services under the new customization package (see the
> 'psml_02-branch' branch):
> 1. ConfigStoreService
> 2. ProfileService
> I will look into factoring out the resource fallback algorithm into a
> generic fallback service, and also consider directories to delineate NLS
> resources

If we go for a common "resource" solution, it will actually be simpler, as we would use
the same pattern. I'm 0 on that.

BTW, regarding the proposals, I'm lazy, and I would like the proposals 
to be visible from the web site.

When I clean my working copy mess of the new server/permissions, etc. I 
think I will put them under xdocs/proposals (wrapped in <pre></pre> ).
What do you think?

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