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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: NLS in Jetspeed
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 06:56:12 GMT
Hope this finds its way to the right list, and I hope everyone finds the new

Im continuing Ingo's and Santiago's discussion 'RE: NLS in Jetspeed' from a
few days ago on the old list:

> > I'd like to improve the national language support in Jetspeed.

I never finished the language code for the profiler, but it shouldn't take
too long, although Im not as fast as Ingo, but who is! :))

> > * The templates are moved into respective subdirectories (e.g.
> > templates/jsp/en/{layouts,navigations,screens} for JSP

The profiler proposal specified that the implementation use file names, not
directories, for language specific resources
The directories are broken down by mediatype
Since I haven't yet completed writing the language support, Im open to
arguments for a different impl.

> (I think subclassing he TurbineTemplateService is the easiest way of doing

You could also add the code to the TurbineTemplateService.
As Ingo and I are aware, it already has a fallback algorithm.
Its just a matter of deciding whether NLS should go into Turbine.
If it doesn't, it will still be difficult to separate the fallback
algorithm, and you end up completely rewriting it anyway.

BTW - Ingo - that reminds me - did our fix ever get committed on the default
name bug?

> Also, don't forget it is lang_COUNTRY, as in de, de_AT, de_CH, de_DE
> (jre even has a de_DE_EURO).
> I think the approach should be having
> default
> (files here)
>     lang
>     (files here maybe)
>         COUNTRY
>         (files here maybe)
> ...

This differs from the proposal.
See jetspeed/proposals/0005.txt

> The schema for psml is user/mime_type or group/mime_type or
> default/mime_type
> Our schema for skins is lang/mime_type/browser/version/theme
> I think we should unify this code under the Profiler Service,
> to have a
> method that,
> given a CapabilityMap/RunData, a "kind_of_resource" and a
> name, returns
> the resource going to
> the leaves and falling back if it does not exist.

Yes, when you say 'kind_of_resource' you mean:
- markup (psml)
- template
- skins ?
- ...

So this profiling service will find any resource, not just psml markup.
+1 on that

The JetspeedProfileManagerService is actually undergoing some changes, most
of the implementation will remain, but Raphael has refactored the profiler
into two services under the new customization package (see the
'psml_02-branch' branch):

1. ConfigStoreService
2. ProfileService

I will look into factoring out the resource fallback algorithm into a
generic fallback service, and also consider directories to delineate NLS

-- david

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