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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: Servlet 2.2 Spec. and serving files from the WEB-INF directory
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 18:13:36 GMT

> (David what did you
> mean by "bug in the servlet container". Does this vendor
> regard it as a bug
> if it's not possible to forward the requests to JSPs below WEB-INF?)

Their RequestDispatcher does not work. Simple as that.
Regardless if forwarding/including from WEB-INF or any other directory.
I have sent them simples examples. They have acknowledged this a bug.

They are questioning whether JSPs in the WEB-INF directory should be
I understand your argument, but the simple fact is that other vendors may
not see it this way, as this case testifies to.
Even when they fix the bug with the dispatcher, I am not sure if they will
allow for JSPs to be served from WEB-INF.

> A second argument: if we move the templates up to the
> web-root and protect
> them so that they can't be requested by a client directly --
> then where is
> the difference to putting them in the WEB-INF??

Again, the point Im trying to make is that its up to interpretation in the
WEB-INF directory.
Your interpretation is that it is allowed. Another vendor may interpret it
The goal is to the deploy Jetspeed on all compliant servlet containers, and
to minimize deployment issues for our users.
Thats why Im not for leaving the templates in the WEB-INF directory, since
it may not work with all containers.

Im undecided on all these issues, until I understand the overhead with
secure resources.
Perhaps the PSML could go under the web root, but in a secure directory.
If we start using secure resources, does this require that Tomcat starts
with a security manager?

Also undecided on the database.
Its obvious that in a real deployment, the database will not go there.
Its just valuable for first time developers to easily get started with a
default database.
Perhaps we should have two different war files, or is that more confusing?

I guess Im not so fast with my +1s :)

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