+1 for planning EOL support for HBase 1.3, but can we do it after 4.16 release? I feel it because of the following reasons:-

(including user <user@phoenix.apache.org> )

* It will be an advance notice to the users who have been waiting for fixes in 4.16
   release for a long time but are on HBase-1.3.

* As work is already done to support 1.3 through shim, so why not release
   it if it is possible with minimal effort.

* We will have code for 1.3 shim available in release tag, then in future,
  if someone volunteers to support 1.3(for a minor release or 4.16 point release) doesn't
  need to revert the set of commits which brings back this shim layer,
  instead can use the tag and go with it.

Ankit Singhal

On Mon, Aug 24, 2020 at 10:04 AM Geoffrey Jacoby <gjacoby@apache.org> wrote:
The HBase community has just unanimously EOLed HBase 1.3.

As I recall, 1.3 has some significant differences with 1.4+ that we have to
workaround via compatibility shim, particularly with metrics and changes to
the HBase Scan API. (In particular, the scan API changes are difficult to
handle even with the shim.)

Should we simplify our 4.x branch by removing 1.3 support for the upcoming
4.16 release?