The code in the phoenix-connectors repo was taken from the 4.14 branch.
The code in 5.0.0 was the code for the master branch, but it is not available elsewhere, and has since been removed from the master branch.

If you are using Phoenix 5.x, then you are probably better off taking the code from 5.0.0, and trying to get that work.

We track this issue in PHOENIX-5784 , but AFAIK no-one works on it currently.


On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 4:17 PM Vladimir Prus <vladimir.prus@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm trying to find the most up-to-date source code for spark connector (with the ultimate goal of implementing loading from Spark through hfiles), and I'm a bit lost:

http://phoenix.apache.org/phoenix_spark.html say that since release 4.15, spark connector is in separate project,https://github.com/apache/phoenix-connectors
- The source code of that project has a version of 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT, I can't see any release tags, or releases of that project on maven.
- Phoenix 5.0.0-HBase-2.0 release still includes phoenix-spark source code.
- The phoenix-spark source code in 5.0.0 release is significantly different from code in phoenix-connectors - one of them uses v2 spark sources api, and the code that works with Phoenix is also quite different.

Could anybody tell the status of these two connectors?