I'm trying to find the most up-to-date source code for spark connector (with the ultimate goal of implementing loading from Spark through hfiles), and I'm a bit lost:

http://phoenix.apache.org/phoenix_spark.html say that since release 4.15, spark connector is in separate project,https://github.com/apache/phoenix-connectors
- The source code of that project has a version of 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT, I can't see any release tags, or releases of that project on maven.
- Phoenix 5.0.0-HBase-2.0 release still includes phoenix-spark source code.
- The phoenix-spark source code in 5.0.0 release is significantly different from code in phoenix-connectors - one of them uses v2 spark sources api, and the code that works with Phoenix is also quite different.

Could anybody tell the status of these two connectors?

Vladimir Prus