Look into PHOENIX-5629 .
Note that is not available in any released version yet.


On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 10:26 PM anil gupta <anilgupta84@gmail.com> wrote:
AFAIK, Phoenix cannot surface the cell level timestamps that hbase stores for each cell. Row Timestamp in Phoenix not equivalent to hbase cell timestamp. RowTimestamp is nothing but a numerical/date column being part of composite Primary key of table that stores time component and allows phoenix to do some filter optimizations.
However, we have written a udf to grab cell timestamp with Phoenix at my current workplace. So, its doable with custom udf. 

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I’m new to HBase/Phoenix and trying to reconcile the guidance for making a Phoenix view for a preexisting table in HBase (found in the FAQ), and the guidance for being able to search versions using the built-in HBase timestamp ( https://phoenix.apache.org/rowtimestamp.html)


I can create a view in Phoenix where I can see my pre-existing data as follows.

CREATE view   "dev_host_ip" (pk VARCHAR PRIMARY KEY, "f1"."ip" VARCHAR);


If I create a table instead of a view, I can not access my data via Phoenix.


However, if I try to add a timestamp with view, I get an error “Declaring a column as row_timestamp is not allowed for views"


So is there a way to take advantage of built-in timestamps on preexisting HBase tables? If so, could someone please point me in the right direction?





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