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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Phoenix 4.15.0 released
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2020 18:22:47 GMT
Responding with my VP Phoenix hat, as this worries me with blurred-lines 
of what is "Vendor" and "Apache".

First, Cloudera/Hortonworks and any other company who redistributes some 
version of Apache Phoenix (henceforth, called a "vendor") do not do so 
as official Apache Phoenix releases. Vendors do not have the ability to 
create Apache Phoenix releases. They can only create releases based on 
some Apache Phoenix release. Only the Phoenix PMC holds the power to 
create Apache Phoenix releases.

The "Phoenix for CDH" releases created in the past were done as Apache 
Phoenix community efforts. Specifically, committers and PMC members took 
the time to personally ensure that releases of Apache Phoenix work 
against specific CDH versions. These are volunteer efforts (as all 
Apache efforts are), not corporate efforts.

The future roadmap of what CDH releases (or any other Apache 
Hadoop/HBase "compatible" release) by the Phoenix PMC is a wholly 
separate process from what any vendor creates as some derivative of 
Apache Phoenix.

(Aside: sometimes, vendors employ people who work on Apache projects, 
but they are held to a high standard to act within specific guidelines 
to prevent these lines from being blurred.)

Finally, again, these Phoenix releases built against CDH done by the 
community are volunteer-driven. We would be very happy to have more 
people volunteering time to donate their time and efforts to creating 
more Apache Phoenix releases which we can provide to our users. 
Contacting the list is the best way to get started.

Sorry this was so heavy-handed -- this is a very subtle but important 
distinction that Apache projects need to always be very clear about.

- Josh

On 1/10/20 3:11 PM, chinogitano wrote:
> Hi Chinmay:
> Good to hear of the progress.
> Will the project News, Recent Improvements, and Roadmap pages be updated
> soon?
> Also, will CDH versions be released for 4.15?  As you know, the
> Cloudera/Hortonworks landscape are going through massive overhauls right
> now, with corporate announcing renewed support for Phoenix.  However, very
> little detail about licensing terms, roadmap, or relationship with the
> Apache parent project is released.  Meanwhile, the last CDH release was 1.5
> years ago.  Would love some clarity on the future of this project from the
> core commiters.
> Many thanks,
> Miles Yao
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