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From Eric Owhadi <>
Subject RE: Re: is Apache phoenix reliable enough?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2019 22:59:44 GMT
From: Eric Owhadi
Sent: Monday, July 8, 2019 5:54 PM
Subject: RE: Re: is Apache phoenix reliable enough?

Hi everyone,
I stumbled on this post asking if there is alternative to Phoenix. The answer is most definitively
Apache Trafodion :
Here is a bulleted list that comes to mind that should trigger your interest:

  *   Based on very mature SQL engine donated by HP to Open Source coming from NonStop MPP
database (200M dollars worth of IP)
  *   It can run the 101  very complex TPC-DS queries (along with TPC-C)
  *   Also running on top of Hbase
  *   Fully transactional with a distributed transaction manager (so scale out even with transaction
  *   Secondary index salted or unsalted, covering index (all transactionally protected)
  *   Hash Joins, Merge Join Nested Joins, CROSS/INNER/LEFT, RIGHT
  *   Hash grouping and sorted grouping
  *   Big Memory Operator (Hash Join/Group By, Sort etc) with graceful overflow to disk
  *   Full support for parallelism, including partitioned, pipelined and operator parallelism
  *   Native expressions for scalar expressions
  *   Subquery unnesting
  *   Salting, Divisioning and very efficient Multi-Dimensional Access Method (equivalent
of HBase Fuzzy Row filter)
  *   Align Row format for all tables mutable or immutable(One full row on a single hbase
CELL, latest version of Phoenix implemented the concept for immutable tables).
  *   Can do both OLAP and OLTP
  *   JDBC Type 2 and 4/ODBC/.NET drivers
  *   Still actively developed
  *   There are more advanced features in the commercial version, but I feel it is not the
place to advertise commercial products...
  *   Trafodion is considered NewSQL, basically reclaim all features of RDBMS, while being
scalable OUT, like a NoSQL. It is being used to replace traditional RDBMS where scalability
is the issue. No compromise on transaction, index or other bells and whistle traditionally
found in classic RDBMS.
- The commercial version of Trafodion is supported by Esgyn Corp.

Hope this helps,
Eric Owhadi
Esgyn Corporation

From: "Hengesbach, Martin" <<>>
Subject: AW: is Apache phoenix reliable enough?
Date: 2019/06/24 06:01:48

we are using Phoenix in production since more than 2 years. We are quite unhappy with the
reliability of Phoenix. We migrated from Oracle because of the performance (we have tables
with up to 200M records, each record up to 30 MB in size, up to 10 selective columns). Phoenix
is really much faster than Oracle (20 nodes cluster).

But we have problems with

*         Phoenix totally hanging, only restart helps (We were able to reduce this from daily
to monthly)

*         incorrect indices, need rebuild

*         select statements not producing the expected (specified) results

*         Upserts sporadically not working without error message

*         Some not reproducible errors

*         ...

We are thinking about switching to another database, but the question is: what is better (reliable
and performant)?

Conclusion: With the current status of Phoenix, I would never use it again.


On 2019/06/22 18:03:36, jesse <<>> wrote:
> I stumbled on this post:>
> and the bug:>
>  I had a similar very frustrating experience with Phoenix, In addition to>
> various performance issues, you can found one of my posts about the>
> reliability issue on the mail-list.>

>  just wondering others experience if you could share>

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