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From lishuang0826 <>
Subject Re: COALESCE Function Not Working With NULL Values
Date Tue, 21 May 2019 07:46:09 GMT
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wonder what will the phoenix roadmap be since it has been nearly a year since the last office
release publised.</span></div><div><br></div><div>Thanks&nbsp;</div>
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<span class="mail-date">05/15/2019 13:03</span>,<a class="mail-to" style="text-decoration:none;color:#2a83f2;"
href="">Francis Chuang&lt;;</a>
wrote: </div>
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Due to the incompatibility, you will need to wait for a new release in <br>the 5.x branch
to get 5.x working with HBase 2.0.x.<br><br>Phoenix 5.0.0 is also only compatible
with 2.0.0 (found this out a few <br>months ago) as PHOENIX-4826[1] adds support for
HBase 2.0.1, but is <br>currently unreleased.<br><br>My suggestion would
be to wait for the 5.1.0 release if you're able to. <br>If you really need to deploy
something right now, I'd suggest using the <br>latest version of the 4.x.x branch (4.14.1)
and HBase 1.4.x.<br><br>Francis<br><br>[1]<br><br>On
15/05/2019 2:50 pm, Jestan Nirojan wrote:<br> <blockquote class="mmbqc1">Hi Jaanai,<br>
<br> Sorry I could not understand much from <br><br>
Because of this recent change, there will not be a Phoenix release for <br> HBase 2.0.x
in future Or there is an existing&nbsp; compatibility issue ?<br> What is the Phoenix
version recommended for a new deployment ? :) ,<br> <br> thanks and regards,<br>
-Jestan Nirojan<br> <br> On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 7:04 AM Jaanai Zhang &lt;
<br> &lt;;&gt; wrote:<br> <br>
    Hi, Jestan<br> <br>     Now Phoenix 5.0.0 is not compatible with HBase 2.0.5,<br><br> <br>     ----------------------------------------<br>
     &nbsp; &nbsp;Jaanai Zhang<br>      &nbsp; &nbsp;Best regards!<br>
<br> <br> <br>     Jestan Nirojan &lt;<br>
    &lt;;&gt; 于2019年5月15日周三 上午5:04写道:<br>
<br>         Hi William,<br> <br>         Thanks, It is working with<br>
        coalesce(functionThatMightReturnNull(), now()) without an<br>         explicit
null;<br>         Phoenix Version is which uses HBase 2.0.5<br>      
  I have not opened any issue for this, I am not sure how it is<br>         suppose
to work.<br> <br>         I am developing&nbsp; a phoenix driver for metabase<br>
        &lt;;&nbsp;(which is a BI/DataViz tool).<br>
        It seems for optional query parameter, null values are directly<br>        
set by the base metabase driver which I am trying to extend.<br> <br>        
I wish if phoenix can support explicit null values.<br> <br>         thanks and
regards,<br>         -Jestan<br> <br> <br>         On Tue, May 14,
2019 at 11:52 PM William Shen<br>         &lt; &lt;;&gt;<br>
        wrote:<br> <br>             Just took a look at the implementation, seems
like Phoenix<br>             relies on the first expression to not be an expression
that<br>             is not just an explicit "null" because it needs to evaluate<br>
            for data type coercion. What's the use case for specifying<br>         
   an explicit null?<br> <br>             On the other hand, the following should
work:<br>             select coalesce(functionThatMightReturnNull(), now()) as date;<br>
<br>             On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 11:14 AM William Shen<br>           
 &lt;<br>             &lt;;&gt;
wrote:<br> <br>                 Jestan,<br>                 It seems like
a bug to me. What version of Phoenix are<br>                 you using, and did you
create a ticket already?<br> <br>                 On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 10:26
AM Jestan Nirojan<br>                 &lt;<br>    
            &lt;;&gt; wrote:<br> <br>
                    Hi,<br> <br>                     I am trying to use&nbsp;COALESCE
function to handle<br>                     default value in WHERE condition like below.<br>
<br>                     select&nbsp; * from table1 where created_date &gt;=<br>
                    coalesce(null, trunc(now(), 'day'));<br> <br>            
        But it throws NullPointerException<br> <br>                     Caused
by: java.lang.NullPointerException<br>                     at<br>            
                    at<br>                     org.apache.phoenix.schema.types.PDate.isCoercibleTo(<br>
                    at<br>                     org.apache.phoenix.expression.function.CoalesceFunction.&lt;init&gt;(<br>
                    ... 47 more<br> <br>                     I was able to reproduce
the same error with<br>                     following query<br> <br>   
                 select coalesce(null, now()) as date;<br> <br>              
      Here are some other variant of same issue<br> <br>                     1.&nbsp;select
coalesce(now(), now()) as date; //<br>                     returns&nbsp;2019-05-14<br>
                    2.&nbsp;select coalesce(now(), null) as date; // returns<br>
                    empty<br>                     3.&nbsp;select coalesce(null,
now()) as date; // throws<br>                     exception<br> <br>   
                 I have tried the same for INT and VARCHAR, same outcome<br>       
             Am I doing something wrong here or is coalesce<br>                    
suppose to return a non null value ?<br> <br>                     thanks and regards,<br>
                    -Jestan Nirojan<br> <br></blockquote></blockquote><!--�-->
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