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From venkata subbarayudu <>
Subject Phoenix Delete Query - Hbase rpc timeout relation
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2018 04:56:17 GMT
Hello Team,
       How does *Phoenix delete query uses hbase-rpc-timeout* , and can you
please point any document illustrating the difference between a
delete-query execution Vs Upsert query execution, since I've noticed a
different behaviour for this during an *UPSERT *query Vs *DELETE* query.

Please find below details on the same

hbase.rpc.timeout = 120000 ( 2 min )
phoenix.query.keepAliveMs = 120000 ( 2 min )
phoenix.query.timeoutMs = 1200000 ( 20 min )
phoenix-auto-commit = true

An upsert query that runs for more than 2 mins and below 20 mins, goes fine
(test-query ran for about 12 mins), but a delete query that runs for more
than 2 min throws rpc-timeout errors, and when the table is checked few
records got deleted, when rpctimeout increased to same as phoenix-query
timeout , delete query ran fine, hence wants an understanding on how to set
rpc-timeout + phoenix-timeout values for a large table delete and if the
delete is expected to take increasing time as the table grows (trying with
secondary indexing is one option to keep the timeouts lower, but assuming
the delete-time grows even with secondary indexes)

Thank you for your support

*Venkata Subbarayudu Amanchi.*

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