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From "Thomas D'Silva" <>
Subject Re: TTL on a single column family in table
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2018 22:29:05 GMT
If you  set different TTLs for column families you can run into issues with
SELECT count(*) queries not working correctly (depending on which column
family is used to store the EMPTY_COLUMN_VALUE).

On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 10:56 AM, Sergey Soldatov <>

> What is the use case to set TTL only for a single column family? I would
> say that making TTL table wide is a mostly technical decision because in
> relational databases we operate with rows and supporting TTL for only some
> columns sounds a bit strange.
> Thanks,
> Sergey
> On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 7:43 AM Domen Kren <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> we have situation where we would like to set TTL on a single column
>> family in a table. After getting errors while trying to do that trough a
>> phoenix command i found this issue,
>> jira/browse/PHOENIX-1409, where it said "TTL - James Taylor and I
>> discussed offline and we decided that for now we will only be supporting
>> for all column families to have the same TTL as the empty column family.
>> This means we error out if a column family is specified while setting TTL
>> property - both at CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE time. Also changes were
>> made to make sure that any new column family added gets the same TTL as the
>> empty CF."
>> If i understand correctly, this was a design decision and not a technical
>> one. So my question is, if i change this configuration trough HBase API or
>> console, could there be potential problems that arise in phoenix?
>> Thanks you and best regards,
>> Domen Kren

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