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From alchemist <>
Subject Re: Upsert is EXTREMELY slow
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2018 20:53:59 GMT
Thanks a lot for your help.
Our test is inserting new rows individually. For our use case, we are
benchmarking that we could be able to get 10,000 new rows in a minute, using
a cluster of writers if needed.
When executing the inserts with Phoenix API (UPSERT) we have been able to
get up to 6,000 new rows per minute.

We changed our test to perform the inserts individually using the HBase API
(Put) rather than Phoenix API (UPSERT) and got an improvement of more than
10x. (up to 60,000 rows per minute).

What would explain this difference? I assume that in both cases HBase must
grab the locks individually in the same way.

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