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From Abhishek Gupta <>
Subject Issues with pagination using RVC for aggregate queries
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2018 14:49:48 GMT
Hi Team,

I am trying to build pagination using RVC over an aggregated query, but I
am finding some issues with this approach.

Following is my table schema

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS support_metrics (
    domain VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    truncated_time VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    app_id VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    platform_type VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    lang VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    handling_time_sum BIGINT,
    issue_created_count BIGINT,
    issue_assign_count BIGINT,
    CONSTRAINT pk PRIMARY KEY(domain,truncated_time,app_id,platform_type,lang));

Following are two paginated queries using LIMT and OFFSET with their results

Following is the query and its result using RVC, as you can see the result
is not matching with the second page result obtained from LIMIT OFFSET


Please note that RVC pagination is working fine for flat row (non
aggregate) queries on this same schema and data, but it seems to have some
problems with aggregate queries.

Following is a link to the raw data-set in the table over which I am
running the queries.

Looking forward to some help here.

Thanks in advance,

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