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From Francis Chuang <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Docker images for Phoenix
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2018 01:24:42 GMT
Hi all,

I currently maintain a HBase + Phoenix all-in-one docker image[1]. The 
image is currently used to test Phoenix support for the Avatica Go SQL 
driver[2]. Judging by the number of pulls on docker hub (10k+), there 
are probably other people using it.

The image spins up HBase server with local storage, using the bundled 
Zookeeper with Phoenix support. The Phoenix query server is also started 
on port 8765.

While the image is definitely not suitable for production use, I think 
the test image still has valid use-cases and offers a lot of 
convenience. It's also possible to update the image in the future so 
that it can be used to spin up production clusters as well as testing 
instances (similar to what Ceph has done[3]).

Would the Phoenix community interested in accepting the dockerfile + 
related files and making it part of Phoenix? The added benefit of this 
is that it would be possible to configure some automation and have the 
docker images published directly to dockerhub as an automated build for 
each release.





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