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From Francis Chuang <>
Subject Re: Decrease HTTP chattiness?
Date Mon, 21 May 2018 22:55:12 GMT
I am not familiar with the JDBC driver, but Phoenix uses Avatica[1] 
under the hood. The protobuf documentation does state that it's possible 
to control the number of rows returned in each response. See 
frame_max_size under the FetchRequest[2] message. This may be something 
that you can set in the JDBC driver.



On 22/05/2018 8:39 AM, Kevin Minder wrote:
> It is possible to decrease the chattiness of the Phoenix JDBC driver 
> operating in HTTP mode?
> We've tried using stmt.setFetchSize() but this appears to be ignored.
> As it stands new we appear to be getting about 100 rows per POST which 
> presents a number of throughput issues when the results can be 100,000 
> rows.

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