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From Alexey Karpov <>
Subject Re: Secondary index question
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2018 13:39:41 GMT
Thanks for quick answer, but my case is a slightly different. I've seen these
links and already use local index. All cases, described in faq, index_usage
and any other, I've found in this user list, are about SELECT clause. In
WHERE clause there is always field from the index.

In my case in WHERE clause I have one field from the index and one not from
the index, combined with AND operator:
SELECT * from test WHERE name = 'a' *AND description = 'b'*
name - from the index
description - not from the index

Without filter on description (only on name) Phoenix uses index, as expected
for local index. But with additional filter Phoenix decides to do a full
scan. And my question is: Is there any way to make Phoenix use index in such
types of queries, without include all fields in index ?

Hint does not help:
SELECT /*+ INDEX(test ix_test_name) */ name FROM test WHERE name = 'a' AND
description= 'b'
ColumnNotFoundException: ERROR 504 (42703): Undefined column.


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