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From F21 <>
Subject Which statements are supported when using transactions?
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 07:58:33 GMT
I just ran into the following scenario with Phoenix 4.8.1 and HBase 1.2.3.

1. Create a transactional table: CREATE TABLE schemas(version varchar 
not null primary key) TRANSACTIONAL=true

2. Confirm it exists/is created: SELECT * FROM schemas

3. Begin transaction.

4. Insert into schemas: UPSERT INTO schemas (version) VALUES 

5. Also create a table: CREATE TABLE test_table (id integer not null 
primary key)

6. Commit the transaction.

Once the transaction has been committed, I can see that test_table is 
created. However, the schemas table is missing the 'some-release' entry.

Which statements do not support transactions? In MySQL, things like 
CREATE TABLE, etc are non-transactional and would implicitly commit. 
What is the case with Phoenix? It seems a bit odd that the table is 
created, but the UPSERT has not effect, event after committing the 



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