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From Nico Pappagianis <>
Subject Connecting as a tenant using Phoenix-Spark integration
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2016 01:35:01 GMT
I've been doing some experimenting trying to get Phoenix-Spark to
read/write from a tenant specific view but have had no success. Judging by
the docs and from the source code I've looked at I haven't found any
options for connecting as the tenant, which is required when interacting
with a tenant specific view. Note, I am able to read/write to a multitenant
table, and I can use the predicate option for TenantId to filter on tenants
in the multi-tenant table, but I am not able to interact with a
tenant-specific view based off of that table when connected as a global
user (i.e. not connected as the tenant).

I can't use the multitenant table to for my use-case as the tenant specific
view has additional columns that the base table does not have.

Using DriverManager.getConnection(zkhost, props) where props has the tenant
id specified via TenantId=theTenantId I can connect as the tenant and read
and write to the view using plain Phoenix SQL, but it appears there is not
yet support for connecting as a tenant when using Phoenix-Spark
integration. I'm hoping someone can confirm.



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