hi guys need help !

i was getting this exception while doing a select. hbase 1.1 with phoenix 4.6.

 SELECT * FROM EVENTS_PROD WHERE id = 100  AND  ts IS NOT NULL AND ts BETWEEN 1462492800000 AND 1462536000000  ORDER BY ts DESC;


7 days retention

150 regions

got this error suddenly - no code changes.

one solution is to truncate SYSTEM_STATS  ? should i try it


java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.phoenix.schema.StaleRegionBoundaryCacheException: ERROR 1108 (XCL08): Cache of region boundaries are out of date.

at sqlline.IncrementalRows.hasNext(IncrementalRows.java:73)

at sqlline.SeparatedValuesOutputFormat.print(SeparatedValuesOutputFormat.java:31)

at sqlline.SqlLine.print(SqlLine.java:1653)

at sqlline.Commands.execute(Commands.java:833)

at sqlline.Commands.sql(Commands.java:732)

at sqlline.SqlLine.dispatch(SqlLine.java:808)

at sqlline.SqlLine.begin(SqlLine.java:681)

at sqlline.SqlLine.start(SqlLine.java:398)

at sqlline.SqlLine.main(SqlLine.java:292)

with regards,
ch Vishnu