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From Mohanraj Ragupathiraj <>
Subject PHOENIX SPARK - Load Table as DataFrame
Date Tue, 17 May 2016 10:21:01 GMT
I have created a DataFrame from a HBase Table (PHOENIX) which has 500
million rows. From the DataFrame I created an RDD of JavaBean and use it
for joining with data from a file.

Map<String, String> phoenixInfoMap = new HashMap<String, String>();
phoenixInfoMap.put("table", tableName);
phoenixInfoMap.put("zkUrl", zkURL);
DataFrame df ="org.apache.phoenix.spark").options(phoenixInfoMap).load();
JavaRDD<Row> tableRows = df.toJavaRDD();
JavaPairRDD<String, AccountModel> dbData = tableRows.mapToPair(
new PairFunction<Row, String, String>()
public Tuple2<String, String> call(Row row) throws Exception
return new Tuple2<String, String>(row.getAs("ID"), row.getAs("NAME"));

Now my question - Lets say the file has 2 unique million entries matching
with the table. Is the entire table loaded into memory as RDD or only the
matching 2 million records from the table will be loaded into memory as RDD

Thanks and Regards

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