@James Taylor:

I was unable to reproduce the problem today after extensive testing. I think the problem is probably due to SquirrelSQL and not the query server. Not familiar with the thin-client and SquirrelSQL, but does it do any caching?

On 3/04/2016 5:12 AM, James Taylor wrote:
Glad you have a work around. Would you mind filing a Calcite bug for the Avatica component after you finish your testing?


On Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 4:10 AM, F21 <f21.groups@gmail.com> wrote:
I was able to successfully commit a transaction if I set the serialization of the phoenix query server to JSON.

I will test more with protobufs and report back.

On 2/04/2016 1:11 AM, Steve Terrell wrote:
You might try looking up previous emails from me in this mailing list.  I had some problems doing commits when using the thin client and Phoenix 4.6.0.

Hope this helps,

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 11:25 PM, F21 <f21.groups@gmail.com> wrote:
As I mentioned about a week ago, I am working on a golang client using protobuf serialization with the phoenix query server. I have successfully dealt with the serialization of requests and responses.

However, I am trying to commit a transaction and just doesn't seem to commit.

Here's what I am doing (I am not including the WireMessage message that wraps the requests/responses for brevity):

I have a table called "my_table", created by running this sql in Squirrel SQL: CREATE TABLE my_table (k BIGINT PRIMARY KEY, v VARCHAR) TRANSACTIONAL=true

OpenConnectionRequest {
  connection_id: "myconnectionid"

statementID = CreateStatementRequest {
  connection_id: "myconnectionid"

PrepareAndExecuteRequest {
  connection_id : "myconnectionid"
  statement_id = statementID
  sql = " UPSERT INTO my_table VALUES (1,'A')"

CommitRequest {
  connection_id: "myconnectionid"

After sending the commands to the query service, I executed "SELECT * FROM my_table" in Squirrel SQL, but I do not see any records. There also doesn't seem to be anything interesting in the tephra or hbase master logs.

What is causing this problem?