Currently I am running out of disk space as a direct result of these spool temp files (350GB +), any ideas on how to address this?  These .tmp files never seem to be cleaned up after each query.  Is there any work-around?

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Subject: Re: Getting swamped with Phoenix *.tmp files on SELECT.

FWIW, with phoenix 4.7, we no longer need to spool results on the client. Instead we rely on pacing scanners as and when needed. To utitlize the feature though, you would need to make sure that you are using HBase versions that are at least as new as:

HBase 0.98.17 for HBase 0.98
HBase 1.0.3 for HBase 1.0
HBase 1.1.3 for HBase 1.1 and beyond 

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We ran into something similar, here is the ticket
The work around that mitigated this issue for us was to lower the value of phoenix.query.spoolThresholdBytes to 10 MB. It is counter intuitive, but, due to the way the spooling iterator interacts with global memory manager, it works.


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I am using an Ambari HDP distribution of the Phoenix client (/usr/hdp/, and to close database connections I am using the standard Java JDBC try-with-resources process  ( ,

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Subject: Re: Getting swamped with Phoenix *.tmp files on SELECT.

What version of phoenix are you using? Is the application properly closing statements and result sets?

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I am running into an issue where a huge number temporary files are being created in my C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Local\Temp folder, they are around 20MB big and never get cleaned up.  These *.tmp files grew to around 200GB before I stopped the server.

Example file names:


Currently, I have my Phoenix Client jar deployed to Wildfly 10 as described here:

These *.tmp files only appear when I run SELECT queries.

Any help would be appreciated.