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From Mikhail Antonov <>
Subject Retiring empty regions
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2016 22:28:37 GMT
Yeah, that sound interesting.

Do you think it should be a script (command, runnable from the client
side), or some chore on master?

You're going on this route because region normalizer lacks features
you guys need?


> Circling back here and adding user@phoenix. I put together one script to dump region
info from the shell and find the empty ones, another to merge a given region into a neighbor.
We've run them without incident, looks like it all works fine. One thing we did notice is
that the AM leaves the old "retired" regions around in its counts -- the master status page
shows a large number of "Other Regions". This was alarming at first, but we verified it's
just an artifact in the AM and in fact these regions are not on HDFS or in meta. Bouncing
master resolved it. No one has volunteered any alternative schema designs, so as best we know,
this will happen to anyone who has timestamp in their rowkey (ie, anyone using Phoenix's "Row
timestamp" feature [0]) and is also using the TTL feature. Are folks interested in adding
these scripts to our distribution and our book? -n [0]:

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