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From Arun Kumaran Sabtharishi <>
Subject Re: Undefined column. columnName=IS_ROW_TIMESTAMP
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2016 15:09:22 GMT
To add details to the original problem that was mentioned in this email, we
migrated to Phoenix-4.6.1 very recently and this problem started occurring
only after that.

1. Checking SYSTEM.CATALOG for some older phoenix views in the same
environment, some of the *phoenix views did not have the IS_ROW_TIMESTAMP
column*. But, all the* newer phoenix views and only some of the older
phoenix views had this column* present. Could this be possibly because
those older phoenix views(which did not have the column present) did not
migrate properly to phoenix 4.6.1?

2. Is this column IS_ROW_TIMESTAMP specific to phoenix tables and can this
be accessed from HBase directly? If so, how?


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